Quien la sigue, la consigue.

                            Después del 35 viene el 36, 37…

                                      …42, 43, 44… casi 45

                                    Y 47          CUMPLEAÑOS FELIZ


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4 respuestas a Quien la sigue, la consigue.

  1. Sucrette dijo:

    Hello there !
    I wanted to tell you long time ago just when we began in the challenge : why you do not have yet a blog for your own ?? and that it is :):) Your work is really beautiful and it is a must to have a blog to express your feelings and share your beauties…
    SO Welcome to blogland 🙂 we are very happy to have you between us 🙂
    I’ll just add your blog to my reader list 😉
    Have a nice evening!

    • Angie, gracias por la bienvenida. Tengo muchas cosas que enseñar y así lo haré. Y ahora hay que seguir con el granny, que quedan muchas pasadas (me faltan 32 para llegar a las 100). Saludos 🙂

      • Sucrette dijo:

        Congrats!! 🙂 I think for mine I will just reach 50 rounds 😦 because the yarn is thick and the granny is already a giant one with just 38 rounds …
        Here is a cute link where you can post pics of your work and have many many beautiful inspiring blogs to visit:
        Don’t know if you already know about it but it worth a visit!

      • Angie, my granny is more that giant but I will come to the past 100 since it will turn into a quilt for my bed. And yes I know the blog of i-crochet and visit it often but it do not belong how to put my works there. I will have to verify it.
        Thank you for visiting itself:)


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